Thus, Noken bases the materialization of its bathroom products of maximum elegance and technology on the transcendental concept of Ecodesign, a pre-planning of its development process which not only ensures that each and every one of the materials used in the production processes are environmentally friendly, but also that possible risks are reduced to the maximum and optimum energy efficiency is achieved.

In addition to this use in the manufacture of sustainable materials, ECO by Noken awareness is clearly evident in the operating mechanisms of its products, offering and including in its catalog of references from cold-opening faucets to other procedures and sustainable features, such as the AIR Ecopararociadores systems or ECO flushing in toilets.

Cold-opening faucets

Forma and NK Concept are the two bathroom equipment collections that take on the modern cold-opening faucet system. A mode of use that is as simple as it is functional and ecological, since it saves energy and water at the same time. By moving the handle to the left to control the temperature, hot water flows only when necessary, without the need for continuous use of heaters. In addition to these savings in energy and CO2 emissions, the sophisticated flow rate limiter integrated in the spout of the single-lever mixer reduces water consumption by up to 60%, from twelve liters per minute to just five.

ECO flushing

To promote the rational use of water, Noken offers the ECO flush, a mechanism for toilets with exposed cistern that guarantees two water output modes: 4.5 liters and 3 liters. By means of two differentiated buttons, one small and one larger, the user can choose, as desired, one mode or the other, reaching, in general terms, up to 25% water savings compared to other models of double button.

Air ECO for showers

With Noken, showers become more ecological and sustainable thanks to the Air ECO system for shower heads. Through an intelligent flow limiter, ducting and the masterful use of air, it is possible to reduce water consumption as well as CO2 emissions. Showers continue to maintain their maximum relaxation and comfort, with the added functionality that Air Eco also allows the volume of hot water used to be limited, significantly minimizing energy consumption.

Water Label Certified

PORCELANOSA Grupo's bathroom equipment firm also has the guarantee offered by the Water Label. Noken's bathroom products have the highest score of this label, a label that ratifies sustainability and respect for the environment, confirming its awareness of saving water and being efficient.

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