At García Carrera y García Pérez do Ribeiro we are experts in the sale and distribution of industrial products for construction and hardware products, in addition to providing auxiliary services such as waste management or crane rental. Our products and services offer solutions to the construction professional as well as to individuals and DIY enthusiasts. Solutions for all types of projects, both new construction and renovation. More than 40 years of experience endorse our management, which has put quality at the service of construction. The origins of the group date back to 1971 when Manuel García Carrera, then a young entrepreneur, took the reins of the small family business, which at that time offered small-scale parcel and delivery services. Initially focused on transport, the company soon diversified its offer to become what it is today: a regional reference in the distribution of construction materials that manages two warehouses in the province of Orense. Both warehouses have been able to adapt to the needs of the market and customers, and have large facilities with modern displays. The company also has an extensive fleet of vehicles and machinery for the distribution of goods and the carrying out of transport and other auxiliary services.

Alamacenes GP Ribeiro
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